Area G4 Contest Event Team

If you're able to volunteer for any role (or want to be a back-up), please email mike@mccreavy.com or call 650-200-0202

Contest Chair: Chris Willmore (Macintalkers)

Registration Chair: Erik Martinez (Macintalkers)
Registration Volunteers: Patty Tsai (Agile Articulators), Sherry Rauen (San Jose Toastmasters), Rita (Saratoga Toastmasters), and Mai (Saratoga Toastmasters).

Facilities Chair: Paul Kim (Macintalkers/Apple Employee), Nate Nakagawa (Macintalkers/Apple Employee)
Facilities Volunteers: OPEN

Food Chair: Jennifer Chen (Macintalkers)
Food Volunteers: Manish Golechha (Macintalkers), Vani (Saratoga Toastmasters).

Agenda Chair: Jack Reis (Macintalkers)
Agenda Volunteers: OPEN

Flyer Chair: Jack Reis (Macintalkers)
Flyer Volunteers: Linda Chou (Macintalkers), OPEN

Certificate Chair: OPEN
Certificate Volunteers: Jack Reis (Macintalkers)

Sponsors/Raffle Chair: Linda Chou (Macintalkers)
Sponsors/Raffle Volunteers: Manish Golechha (Macintalkers), Vani (Saratoga Toastmasters), OPEN (Need a bunch)

Photographer: Eric Jung (Macintalkers/Cupertino Toastmasters), Jon Prall (Macintalkers)

International Contest:

Agile Articulators Contestant: Riya Suising, (Speech Title: "Mandarin Apple Pie").
Cupertino Toastmasters Contestant, Anita Baldwin, (Speech Title: "How to be a Happy Baboon")
Macintalkers Contestant, Speech Title: Harita Patel, (Speech Title: "Sophia and the Slum Boy")
San Jose Toastmasters Contestant, Jeff Nott, (Speech Title: "What's Your Plan?")
Saratoga Toastmasters Contestant: Gary Akerson, (Speech Title: "Wisdom From Youth")

Toastmaster: Merhnaz Mehr (Saratoga Toastmasters)
Chief Judge: Maren Otieno (Agile Articulators)
Ballot Counters: Maria Tubergen (San Jose Toastmasters), Olga Meydbray (Agile Articulators)
TImers: Lorraine (Saratoga Toastmasters), Sherry Rauen (San Jose Toastmasters)

Agile Articulator Judges: Patty Tsai, OPEN
Cupertino Toastmasters Judges: Doris Tse, Krishna Davey
Macintalkers Judges: Eulalie Chap, OPEN, (Backup: Ivan Corneillet)
San Jose Toastmasters Judges: Annabelle Eseo, OPEN
Saratoga Toastmasters Judges: Annabelle Votaw, Sophia

Table Topics Contest:

Agile Articulators Contestant: Angelica Tiongson
Cupertino Toastmasters Contestant: Shanthi Sivanesan
Macintalkers Contestant: Harita Patel
San Jose Toastmasters Contestant: Doug Weller
Saratoga Toastmasters Contestan: Debjit Sarkar

Toastmaster: Robert Gulino
Chief Judge: Hema Raja (Saratoga Toastmasters)
Ballot Counters: OPEN, OPEN
Timers: OPEN, OPEN

Agile Articulator Judges: Sue-May Jin, OPEN
Cupertino Toastmasters Judges: Ramesh Dewangen, Mike Massaro
Macintalkers Judges: Joyce Huang, Linda Chou, (Backup: Dennis Bell)
San Jose Toastmasters Judges: OPEN, OPEN
Saratoga Toastmasters Judges: Quentine, Jeanne, (Backup: Gary)

Annabelle Eseo
Maren Otieno
Patty Tsai (Agile Articulators)
Olga (Agile Articulators)

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