Upgraded Internet from AT&T DSL to Comcast Business Class – So Far So Good

After Comcast stopped giving me a reasonable deal on their internet about 6 months ago, I switched to AT&T's DSL Direct Basic plan.

AT&T advertised the service as offering 768kb/s down, but I guess AT&T has forgotten how to count that low... I was getting over 2Mb/s in practice:

Sure, its graded an "F" -- but that was "f"ast enough for just about everything I use the internet for (OnLive did deny my signup request though). Netflix, SSH Shells, and multi-player iPad games seemed to work just fine.

AT&T representatives have been calling semi-weekly to push me into a uVerse upgrade. "All your neighbors are doing it" (when they're not in LockUp for drug dealing?). Every time I've said "No thanks; I'm happy with my current DSL service from AT&T -- I have no interest in uVerse. Please add me to your do-not-bother list" but these requests seem to get lost in the chaos of a fully-staffed callcenter... They call again in a week.

So last week I put in an order with Comcast and, thanks to the two service techs that spent the morning in the box outside the apartment complex, I've now got Comcast Business Class Internet:

Now I can do 30" (2560x1600) high-quality Remote Desktop connections over a Secure VPN, AND still stream Google Play, watch 8 cat videos on YouTube, a Netflix movie, and do an "Update All" on all 43 outdated apps on my iPad. No Buffering!

The last bonus of Comcast Business Class Internet is that the service comes with a static IP -- if it really stays static I might drop Linode's virtual hosting service (as great as they are) since my computer at home is always on in practice anyway. Since I prepaid Linode through 07/2013, I have some time to think about that.

Looking forward to the next upsale call from AT&T.

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