Secret Bruised Broken Rib Treatment

About 4 years ago in Tahoe I remember going down a Black at the end of a fun day.

I remember doing interlaced C turns: right, left, right, left: this is great! Then the slope got steeper, and I got Zoolandered turning back to the right -- leaning back, the board didn't feel right: "Come on, start cutting into the snow..." No luck, I was skipping along the top of some ice, leaning back farther, picking up speed... "Come on!"

I stopped leaning back, the board cut back to the left, caught, and -- FWOOM -- I was airborne. The steep slope fell away from me as I continued straight out into the air. I was in the air long enough to think about:

  1. Arthur Dent flying techniques.
  2. That my arms were both straight out like wings.

My last thought was "you might want to bring those arms in for landing" before slamming into the ground.

That was the first time I bruised a rib. Last week I got to go to Squaw for a ski trip, and it was great.

I'm not sure which fall borked my ribs this time, but something's definitely wrong with them today. I didn't experience any pain during the trip, but in the 5 days since returning: the pain has slowly increased every night.

Last night if I moved my right side at all, I woke up gritting my teeth and bearing down.

Enough to get up and do an Internet search on "bruised rib treatment." Apparently there have been no medical breakthroughs since the first time I hurt my ribs -- the only thing that heals them is "time." The internet tells me I've got about 3-4 weeks of this to go through before recovering. I guess that means last night wasn't the pain climax I was hoping it would be.

Still, the Ski Trip was worth it. So, each time I feel the pain (that's basically every inhale) -- I try to think of something pleasant from the trip. Maybe eventually it will work.

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