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"Hex wars" was a multiplayer turn-based strategy game in the spirit of Risk played on a field of hexagons.

Google searching for this game doesn't turn up the original -- it seems there's a new version of Hex Wars with more complex gameplay and requires multiplayer, and when no one else is online: no fun.

Each player's turn consists of three stages: place, attack, and fortify.

Place. The number of "troops" you get each turn is based on the number of hexs you've retained. The version I played, the placement was automatically handled by computer with random placement of new troops.

Attack. When you attack an enemy on an adjacent hex, the likelihood of winning is increased by having more troops on the attacking hex than the hex being attacked.

Fortify. Your turn ends when you choose to stop attacking and instead choose to move troops between two adjacent hexs: you can only move one set of troops (and you can move all but one of your troops to the receiving hex).

At least, that's what I remember -- there's a version of Hex Wars on the App store:

but I've played it and the graphics aren't as strong as the original Flash (they use numeric values to indicate troop counts instead of stacked coins), and the program crashes a lot... Its rare to be able to finish a game before it deadlocks or just exits back to the springboard.

I don't remember how hex groups get coalesced. I think that was important. I'll keep searching for the original.