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A Google Adsense check arrived over the weekend:

That covered earnings from January and February, which means I'm averaging $2 a day:

According to Google Analytics, most people end up on this site looking for Commodore Programming Tips, Men's hairstyling suggestions, and how Capacitors work.

The people looking for Commodore stuff actually spend time on the site and read the articles, and the Hairstyle/Capacitor people blow through the place -- but there are a lot more of them... The capacitor post was only a month ago but generated a (relative) ton of traffic.

We may get to use work resources to post some ads on the Luminate network as part of a test -- I'll have to choose my keywords wisely to drive only the most lucrative traffic to

$125, minus 2 months of Linode hosting ($40) = $85. Wonder where it should go?

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