2012-06-01: Drank Champagne at work, went home sleepy. Slept until 9PM. Groggy. Need to needle Rob on his social network aggregation stuff, but he's not online. Sent out Toastmaster update and killed time playing LightBike2 without thinking.

2012-05-31: Had to get up at 6:45AM to make it to 8AM meeting of "Speakers 4 Success" in Campbell, then after work had to go to 6PM "Club Building" Workshop at Yahoo in Sunnyvale. Erik and Linda's battery died, had to jump them... Didn't get home until around 9:30PM and then wasn't in the mood to do anything. Threat of Joel's "Must Finish One Thing" mantra weighed heavily on me, but the pull of LightBike2 was stronger.

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