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Online 2013 California Campfire Permit

With the Super Bowl over, it is time to start thinking about Camping Season. A California Campfire Permit is only good for the calendar year in which it was issued -- so each January you need to get a refresh. … Continue reading

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Have you ever seen $100 worth of fish?

Okay, this is ripe. I'm still laughing. After last week's $100 pork chop, I was thinking it would be wise to tone down the outings... But I'm still a sucker for going to things I'm invited to. So when the … Continue reading

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Combining Alfredo And Tomato Sauce: WIN!

When making tonight's dinner a problem in the refrigerator was discovered: There was an almost empty jar of Alfredo sauce in the refrigerator. I'm not asking who left the mostly empty jar there, but there it was none-the-less. Not enough … Continue reading

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How to start making a cream of mushroom or potato soup

Basic soup recipes all seem to start this way -- you cut up equal amounts of onions, leeks, and celery: and cook them with a whole stick of butter: until things start getting translucent. Then you add a half cup … Continue reading

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