- President: Rita Barber
- VP of Education: Miriam Kojnak
- VP of Membership: Dhwani Shah
- VP of Public Relations: Bob Gulino
- Treasurer: OPEN (Danny Lau not available, waiting to hear from Neil Shapiro)
- Secretary: Maren Otieno
- SAA: Tony Deleon

Pre-registration counts:
2012-06-23: 67
2012-06-22: 59
2012-06-21: 49
2012-06-20: 41
2012-06-19: 35
2012-06-18: 29

Food and Food Transport:
- Trays of Hummus and Samosas -- Mike from Arya will call me for budget. Yousuf Mamsa will be able to transport.
- Pizzas from BJs - McCreavy needs to call Trevor on Friday to confirm numbers. Between 2 and 4PM. Chris Willmore will be able to transport.
- Salads from Elephant Bar - McCreavy needs to call Alec on Friday to confirm numbers. Ashlie to transport? Called Alec on Friday -- about 40 Garden Salads for $100. Call him back Monday at 3PM to confirm.
- Water/Beverages - Erik Martinez will supply.

Kamlesh Thakkar willing to help with transport.
Manesh can't help with transport from Cupertino (he works in Sunnyvale; doesn't make sense).
McCreavy needs to check with Ashlie.

Registration Desk:
- Dennis Bell has agreed to take ownership of registration at the event -- McCreavy will get him print outs and cashbox on the weekend.
- McCreavy needs to link Govind from Yahoo with Dennis Bell for access to building by 5:30.
- McCreavy needs to get Dennis Bell a list of registration volunteers. Try to use Area Governors.
- McCreavy sent registration signage and unregistered forms to Raj for printing.
- McCreavy needs to finalize Agenda and send to Raj for printing.
- McCreavy needs to pick up prints from Raj.
- McCreavy needs to find out if Dennis can print last-minute nametags for Sunday/Monday registrations.

- McCreavy needs to follow up with Govind/Pravant to see if all 7 conference rooms (beyond the main 3) were reserved.

Dennis - Unit #2, 10145 Parkwood, Cupertino, Glennbrooke Apts

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