2013/02/28 Division C/G COT:

Thursday, February 28th
6PM - 8:30PM

Yahoo Building E

6:00PM - Registration, Networking, and Refreshments
6:30 - 7:00PM Keynote
7:00 - 8:30PM Officer Training Sessions

$5 - Before February 25th
$8 - Afterward

- Facilities: (Parag Pradhan from Yahoo, Bina Mehta)
- Food: (TBD - Caspar Horne will supply)
- Registration: (TBD - Caspar Horne will supply)
- Agenda: TBD

- President: Bina Mehta (CONFIRMED - 2013-02-16) "Bina Mehta, ACB, ALB"
- VP Education: Mehrnaz Mehr (CONFIRMED - 2013-02-16; She will email handouts by Sunday morning) "Mehrnaz Mehr, ACB, ALB"
- VP Membership: (CONFIRMED - 2013-02-16; She emailed documents she wants printed to handout) "Shali Sirkay, ACB"
- VP Public Relations: Cole Fox (CONFIRMED - 2013-02-18). Sent request for credentials. He'd like a training freshener. (916.834.4069)
- Treasurer: Ravi Ganesan (CONFIRMED - 2013-02-17) - "Ravi Ganesan, CC, CL", Wharton Quakemasters, 650-799-9381
- Secretary: Tony DeLeon (CONFIRMED - 2013-02-25) - "Tony DeLeon, DTM"
- Sergeant At Arms: Miriam Kojnok (CONFIRMED - 2013-02-22) - "Miriam Kojnok, DTM"

- Miriam Kojnok (CONFIRMED - 2013-02-16) "Unspoken Message"
Miriam Intro:
Our first speaker is a leader with big vision. This year she set the
bar really high. She is taking a chance to become President's
Distinguished District for the 1st time in 10 year. She is always
ready to inspire and challenge us to do the uncomfortable. Today, she
will encourage us to pay attention to our Unspoken Message. Please
help me welcome our District Governor, Distinguished Toastmaster,
Miriam Kojnok....
- Bina Mehta (CONFIRMED - 2013-02-24) Title/Intro to follow.

Varija Sriram
Ilya Izrailevsky
Romain Lenglet

Food/Setup volunteers from wufoo registration:
- Mona Chitnis (Yahoo Yapster) can arrive early to help setup.
- Paula Clawson (SilverTounged) can arrive early to help setup.

Registration volunteers from wufoo registration:
- Parag Pradhan (Yahoo Yapster) can help with Registration.
- Mark Gonzales (Talking Chips) can help with Registration.
- Christine Ngo (Laser Sharp) can help with Registration.
- Melissa Goldberg (Added last minute)

Registration Wufoo: - DONE 2013-02-16
D4TM Announcement: Submitted 2013-02-16, NOW LIVE.
Meetup Announcement: Shali Did This.
print out evaluation forms: TBD

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