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President's Distinguished Club Guide

President's Distinguished Area and Division Guide

Distinguished Club: 5/10 Goals. 20 members or net growth of 5 members. President's Distinguished Club: 9 of 10 Goals. 20 members or net growth of 5 members. President's Distinguished Area: 50% of club base plus one Distinguished and a net club growth of one. President's Distinguished Division: 50% of club base Distinguished plus net club growth of one.

2013-03-17 Update:

G1, Distinguished: TGIF (DCP and Membership), Fair Oaks (DCP and Membership), AMD Speak (DCP). Need 1 more: Laser Sharp and nSpeak both have 2 DCP and are struggling with membership - if nSpeak is really growing to 16, that's good.

G2, Distinguished: Excalibur (DCP and Membership is close), Saratoga (DCP and Membership), Next Step Toastmasters (DCP and membership is close), Synaptalks (DCP and Membership is close). Should be able to get Silicon Valley to Distinguished, and their Membership is close.

G3, Distinguished: Cupertino Morningmasters (DCP and Membership is close). Need 3 more: Tandem (DCP is close and Membership is close), Ventritalks (DCP is close and Membership is close), Concern: Wry (DCP is at 2, Membership looks low)

G4: Distinguished: San Jose (DCP and Membership), Agile Articulators (DCP and Membership), Cupertino (DCP and Membership), Macintalkers (DCP and Membership), Startup Speakers (DCP and Membership).

G5: Distinguished: Optical Orators (DCP and Membership). Need 3 more: Yahoo Yapsters! at 3 DCP with good membership. Toastmeisters at 3 DCP and low membership. JDSU has 3 DCP and good membership -- but they're a new club, may not have many CCs. Opportunity to get existing TMs to join? EMC at 2 DCP. Toast Launchers and GEM both struggling with 1 DCP and very low membership.


Club State Membership DCP Fair Oaks, G1 PRESIDENTS GOOD 9/10 TGIF Management, G1 SELECT GOOD 8/10 Cupertino Toastmasters, G4 SELECT GOOD 8/10 Agile Articulators, G4 DISTINGUISHED GOOD 7/10 Optical Orators, G5 DISTINGUISHED GOOD 7/10 AMD Speak, G1 DISTINGUISHED GOOD 6/10 Excalibur, G2 DISTINGUISHED GOOD 6/10 SynapTalks, G2 DISTINGUISHED GOOD 6/10 Cupertino Morningmasters, G3 DISTINGUISHED GOOD 6/10 Division Stats Summary: Base of 29 clubs, so 15 Distinguished clubs gets Division President's Distinguished. Currently: 8 Clubs Distinguished, 5 are "well on their way". Need to identify and work on at least 2 more "reds".

Area G1: Base of 6 Clubs. New Club: Alcatel (NOT YET CHARTERED) Talking Chips: Membership: Current: 10, Need: 14 (Base of 9). DCP: 2/10 TGIF Management: Membership: GOAL MET. DCP: 8/10 (Need 2 more CCs, 1 more additional member) - SELECT DISTINGUISHED Fair Oaks: Membership: GOAL MET. DCP: 9/10 (Need 1 more CC) - PRESIDENTS DISTINGUISHED Laser Sharp: Membership: 16, Need 17 (Base of 12). DCP: 1/10 AMD Speak: Membership: GOAL MET. DCP: 6/10 - DISTINGUISHED nSpeak: Membership: GOAL MET, BUT STILL STRUGGLING. Current: 13, Need 11 (Base of 6). DCP: 3/10.

Summary: 3 Distinguished Clubs. Need 4 (1 More) from Talking Chips, Laser Sharp Speakers, AMD, or nSpeak for Area to be President's Distinguished.

Area G2: Base of 6 Clubs. New Club: Tamil-English (NOT CHARTERED YET) Excalibur: Membership ACHIEVED. 6/10 - Distinguished Saratoga: Membership ACHIEVED. 4/10 Silicon Valley Toastmasters: Membership: 16, Need 20. 3/10 Sunnyvale Speakeasies: Membership ACHIEVED (But Struggling) 14 (Base 9). 1/10 Next Step Toastmasters: Membership ACHIEVED. 4/10 SynapTalks: Membership ACHIEVED. 6/10 - Distinguished.

Summary: 2 Distinguished Clubs. Need 4 (2 More). Saratoga is a likely to be one. NextStep or Silicon Valley or Sunnyvale needed.

Area G3: Base of 5 Clubs. New Club: Destination Articulation (CHARTERED) Top Gun: Membership: 16, need 20. 0/10 Wry Toastmasters: Membership: 18, need 20. 2/10 Cupertino Morningmasters: Membership Achieved. 6/10 - Distinguished Tandem Toastmasters: Membership Achieved. 4/10 Ventritalks: Membership hanging on at 20. 4/10

Summary: 1 Distinguished Club. Need 4 (3 More).

Area G4: New Club Seagate Cupertino (CHARTERED) San Jose: Membership Achieved, 6/10 - DISTINGUISHED Agile Articulators: Membership Achieved, 7/10 - DISTINGUISHED Cupertino Toastmasters: Membership Achieved, 8/10 - SELECT DISTINGUISHED Macintalkers: Membership Achieved, 3/10 (4 soon) Startup Speakers: Membership Achieved, 3/10 Hi Definition Speakers: 2/10

Summary: 3 Distinguished. Need 4 (1 More).

Area G5: New Club: JDSU (CHARTERED) ToastMeisters: Membership: 18 Need 20. 3/10 GEM: Membership: 6, Need 12. 0/10 Yahoo: Membership Achieved, 2/10 Toast Launchers: 8, Need 16 1/10 EMC: Membership Achieved, 2/10 Optical Orators: Membership ACHIEVED, 7/10 - DISTINGUISHED JDSU Toastmasters: Membership Achieved 2/10

Summary: 1 Distinguished. Need 4 (3 More).