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Year: 2015, Location: Cupertino, Flavor: Lemon

Tags: 711, Slurpee

If only I could use my powers for Good...

During the Superbowl this evening, GrubHub aired a commercial featuring a $15 discount on your first order if you placed it before the end of the Game.

I had visions of a NOC somewhere lighting up red, and GrubHub's version of Kerz calling for hatches to be battened.

Went to their site, and amazingly: it was up.

I tried searching for restaurants in my area: the search worked.

I tried placing an order for $12 worth of chicken wings and $4 worth of Its It ice cream: the cart loaded and I was prompted to create an account.

I tried figuring out to apply the $15 discount mentioned in the Superbowl Ad, but couldn't figure it out. There was a link for "live help" at the top of the page: a popup loaded.

Queue length: 117. It updated minutely, decrementing by 1 every 3 minutes or so... It was going to be a while.

I went to Twitter and saw other people confused on how to activate the discount. Below the most recent tweets I saw people tweeting their GrubHub affiliate link to get $15 split ($7.50 each) between the affiliate and any new signups. I put one of those codes in and got $7.50 off my order -- sending $7.50 to some benevolent stranger.

I submitted the order wondering if maybe that would trigger the $15 discount, no luck. Estimated junk food arrival time: 2 hours.

While waiting for Live Help, I decided to tweet my affiliate link "thanking @GrubHub for helping me get the $15 #superbowl #grubhub coupon code" and waited for affiliate clicks to roll in. Fingers crossed!

20 minutes later, a knock at the door: the food guy! Over an hour and a half earlier than GrubHub's estimate.

The last time I saw someone in this much of a hurry, it was the UPS on iPhone delivery day. We exchanged tip for food and he was running away when I said "hey, where's the icecream?"

He looked pretty dejected, checked the receipt -- and said he had forgotten but would be back. 30 minutes later another knock: haggard delivery guy with ice cream! Thanks!

Away he flew like the down of a thistle... A short while later I noticed the ice cream was not Vanilla but dreaded Cappucino. Bleagh.

I called the pizza joint and explained the situation -- I offered to go over to exchange it and the hostess said "don't worry" about bringing the Cappucino back -- she'd just give me new ice creams.

So I went over and she had a bag ready for me -- with two boxes of Its It ice cream bars! So this is what the freezer looks like now:

When I got back, the 117 queue was down to single digits, and then someone got online. She explained the coupon offer was for a few select markets (San Francisco) being one of them, and if I wasn't properly geo-fenced, I wouldn't get the offer. I explained I was in the SF bay area and she credited my GrubHub account (disclaimer: for my next purchase with them).

So, I think things worked out in my favor. If anyone uses my GrubHub affiliate link to sign up, then I'll definitely be in the black.

Labelled "Storm Preparation," someone has placed inflatable rafts strategically around campus:

Good stuff! Looking forward to the floods!

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