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I'm looking forward to getting a Google Glass someday... Then I could take stunt kite pictures while both hands are occupied.

It'd work for R/C planes and helicopters too!

It'll also be handy when riding a bike and your phone is stuck in a pocket. I wonder if "ok glass, start next playlist." will work? That'd be great -- unless "glassing" gets lumped in with "texting" when it comes to operating vehicles...

Got around to reading Ready Player One: A Novel by Ernie Cline last week.

The reviews described the book as "a melding of 80's trivia, 8-bit video games, and the Metaverse," so it's not like I couldn't not read it. This description is spot on: maybe a bit too on.

I definitely enjoyed it, mostly because I got all the jokes and references so I felt "in." I also had the self-satisfaction of knowing "the abandoned dwelling" puzzle right off the bat and got to be the "superior comic book guy" waiting for the characters in the book to catch up. Suckered in; still: I had fun.

The lamest part of the book was how low-brow the writing was -- the metaverse wasn't rendered in my mind with descriptive Gibsonian adjectives or passionate phrases: instead, it was built up entirely from 80's references. Essentially, whenever he had to describe something he'd say "it looked exactly like $X" where $X was an element from Real Genius, an Anime, Ghostbusters, an Arcade Game, etc.

I almost want to say "no fair," but I liked the Darmok at Tenagra episode of Star Trek: Next Generation, so I'm not going to cast any stones.

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